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A VR tear-it-up

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Careful Now

Originally created for Ludum Dare 28, Careful Now was made in 48 hours!

It's a busy day at the hospital and you need to diagnose your patients then create a cure for them by mixing together the correct chemicals.

Be careful though, as you only get one shot at trying to cure each person, so try not to kill anyone

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Rescue Squad 2

This is the sequel to Rescue Squad, based on the same core gameplay but lots of new features and levels.

Rescue Squad 2 development is retired for now, but you can play the current version and make sure to check back later for updates!

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Cat On A Wire

As a pent-up ball of feline energy you've got to take out the birds to survive - you're on the edge, you're a... Cat On A Wire. Chase birds across the rooftops and along telegraph wires to earn yourself lunch and more time.

See how many birds you can catch unawares before the time runs out, then post your high score to see how your rate.

Who Goes There

A zelda-inspired game featuring companion creatures, earthquakes and non-euclidian space!

The arctic research station has suffered a power failure and chaos has taken over. Find the backup power core to restore order.

Bulldozer Blitz

Dig up rocks and lay down roads so that the drivers can get from one building to another. As more drivers get to their destination the city expands so you've got to add more roads and repair existing ones to keep up.

Keep the city running for as long as possible and fight back against the unstoppable road decay and anger of the ever-increasing number of cars.

Snowman Village

There may have been very little snow around these parts, but you can still play in the snow with Snowman Village. Roll up snowballs to the size you want them to be, and collect decorations along the way. Then take them back to the village and build your own snowmen in the village for all to see.

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Rescue Squad

Pilot a rescue helicopter and use your rope and winch to save the stranded people and deliver them to safety in the nearby towers. Towers also need food and medical supplies which you must bring them. And all against the clock!

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Growth Spurt

The main idea behind Growth Spurt was to create a platformer where the levels were constantly changing and growing around you, rather than staying static like most platform games.It was an entry into a Ludum Dare 48 hour game programming competition - all code, art and levels were made by me in just 48 hours.

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NiGHTS 4k is a remake of the Saturn game NiGHTS Into Dreams in 4 kilobytes for the Java4k 2009 competition. Fly through three different dreams and collect the blue chips as quickly as possible to get the best score.

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Space Monkies

Space Monkies is a fast paced shooter loosely based on Smash Tv. You'll have to move around the screen and shoot the constant swarms of evil monkeys, who will kill you if they touch you. When you're killed you'll respawn in the center with 3 seconds of invunerability, so make the most of it!

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Plasma Zone

Plasma Zone is an abstract game where you must move fast to avoid the bright plasma flux and absorb dark flux. It was based around japanese "bullet curtain" games where the player must dodge increasingly complex patterns of bullets to survive.

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